Lesson 2

The Ramp icon The Ramp or Inclined Plane

Graphing Data - 1::
Table 2 - calculate work done with inclined plane

We can see the relationship between the change in ramp length and the change in force needed to push the stone to the top, by plotting our data on a graph.

Label the axes in Graph 1A in your packet and plot the data from table 1.

Analysis questions:

  1. Describe the arrangement of points on your graph in words.
  2. What happens to the effort force needed as the length of the inclined plane increases?
  3. What do we call this kind of relationship?
  4. Using the information you have just collected, in your own words explain the advantage gained by using an inclined plane to raise an object.

We obviously would not be able to pull the base of the hill out to increase the length of the inclined plane however we could travel across the hill climbing slowly and then continue to the top by turning back across the hill.

Hill with incline plane switchback path