A simple refraction. Light refracts twice through a curved prism; separating into a spectrum of colors.


Also a simple refraction that refracts twice through a triangular prism. Each node on the triangle is interactive, so the user can change the angle of incidence where light first strikes the surface.

This image shows an example of internal refraction within a rain drop. Here, when the critical angle of 48.8 degrees is reached, the light is competely internally refracted within the raindrop. The following two demonstrations show refraction within a raindrop without any internal refraction.

A more complex refraction through a simulated raindrop. Light is refracted 3 times in this example. This demo allows the user to change both the index of incidence and the index of refraction. Default is 1 for air, and 1.33 for water.

Another example of a raindrop refraction where three refractions occur. This time the original light beam is split into a spectrum of colors that are in turn refracted.